Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A pretty happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is typically a long, boring, lonely affair for me. Filled with movies and knitting and wanting to go to a party really bad, but being supportive of the Lowe's employee I married and not going to such parties. (Poor Joe; he had to work 5 AM-5 PM all three days this weekend-and it's not like he had a day off in the last week either!). I have learned to deal with the days, but the zombie that comes home in the evenings is the hardest part. I want to go to a barbeque, and he wants to sleep on the couch. :( Oh well.

So, this is how I 'dealt' with my days this year:

Saturday, I went to the Mass Sheep & Wool Festival with Amy, Audrey, & Karen. This is me & Amy from Spunky Eclectic. She's so awesome. She was definitely the biggest hit at the festival.

That's a skein of her Purple Haze sock yarn in my hand. After the festival, we went to a little fabric store in Northampton (thanks for stopping, Audrey!) and I picked up the Cabo Halter pattern I've been wanting to make.

Then, we went to Webs (!) and used up whatever energy we had remaining.

Sunday, I had my spa day that Rocco got me for mother's day. He's such a good little kitty. Here's my pedicure & finished socklets:

Then, Monday I made the halter top & took totally silly pictures of myself in it. The neighbors must think I'm insane.

This was my first Amy Butler patern, but it will not be my last. It was painful to pay $13 for a pattern, but all the details & little hints in the pattern were worth it. I can't get over how well written it was. I even got the zipper right on the first try. That NEVER happens!


Nutmeg Owl said...

Jenny, your gal pals won't let you stay home and be blue! Amazing fabric you just "happened" to have, huh? Let me know where to send my measurements!

Karen said...

Oh your halter came out awesome!! I bet Joe loves it. It looks great on you!

Here is a link about podcasts I thought you'd find interesting...


robin said...

Love how your halter turned out! I bought this pattern with one of her fabrics, and I know what you mean about the cost - but also about the detailed instructions being so great! I haven't made it yet, but I have all my materials, cut out the pattern pieces, and washed the fabric so I'm ready to go. Was the sizing pretty true to size? I know she uses RTW sizing and measurements, but was just wondering what your take on that was.

Elysbeth said...

Cute cute halter. And socklets.

Kris said...

Jenny - Love the top - so impressed, since I can barely use my sewing machine. Fits you perfectly!

How exactly do you get a mother's day gift from the cat? I got nothin' - and there's 7 of them. Can Rocco talk to my kitties? :)

Rubys & Purls said...

Jenny - I found you through Robin's blog! I just started my Cabo halter yesterday and I just wanted to say your's looks great! I totally hear you on the price, but am also glad the directions are very straight forward and easy to read. I also really liked that the pattern paper was recycled and thicker than most pattern pieces. I think I'll end up making a couple of these.

Nice pedicure and socklets too!