Monday, May 07, 2007

MD Sheep & Wool

Warning: Long post ahead!

Wow, what a blast! We had so much fun this weekend I don't even know where to start. Friday, we had crabcakes for lunch in Baltimore, then visited a little yarn shop downtown. I think it was called A Good Yarn. It's very tiny, but the girl at the counter said they were mostly a teaching store & they only had a few brands of yarn. I asked if they had any darning needles because I needed to weave my ends on a project I had just finished and she just gave me one of hers. How awesome is that? We went to an Orioles game that night (I had to throw SOMETHING in there for Joe).

Now, onto the REAL fun: The Wool Festival! It was so awesome. We got there right at 9, and there was this huge line of traffic. I sat in the car as long as I could stand it, and then RAN into the main gate. I knew Joe would find me eventually, right? I saw Karen & Rachel in the line for the Fold & stopped to say hi. And since no one seemed to mind that I was standing there, I just stayed in line with them. I felt very guilty about breaking in line, but it was so worth it-Look!

I totally scored! It took a lot of restraint to just get 5 skeins. I think I did pretty good. But then I found this:

It's a little evening bag liner-you pick up stitches in the grommets & knit the bottom of the bag. So cool! Yes, it is from the "evil" Tilli Tomas. The great part about these festivals is that you sometimes get to meet the owners of these businesses. Like, for instance, TILLI TOMAS! She was standing right there helping me pick out yarn. And she was really nice. So, I formed my OWN opinion about her & decided I like her, I like her yarn, and I like that little bag. And it might be the most expensive sock bag ever, but who cares? I wanted it; I got it.

Anybody know why I bought this green silk fingering weight yarn? Cause I have no clue. Let me know if you think of an answer. And, of course, some Koigu. Aaaaahhhhh, Koigu. I couldn't resist. :) I have some of the same pictures on my Flickr page, but some different ones. Go check 'em out!

We spent Saturday night drinking and catching up with the BFF at her recently-purchased cabin. Sunday was spent leaning out the window of the car as Joe drove my tired, hung-over butt home. A good time was had by all!


Karen said...

Hehe...hope the hangover wasn't too bad. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Maybe you bought the green lace weight to make a lace shawl or scarf?

Did it kill you to get up for work on Monday morning? It did me!

Nutmeg Owl said...

Green silk laceweight ... says a lacy stole done on big needles, in the same vein as the Amy Singer scarf in the current IK. Thanks for sharing your trip!

Elysbeth said...

The STR is fabulous colours. Scrumptious.

Green silk....what about the Iris Schreier modular wrap from Vogue? Also free on her website Artyarns.