Sunday, February 28, 2010

Butterick 5078

In true procrastinator fashion, I finished my garment-a-month project TODAY at 5 O'Clock. In my defense, I had INTENDED to work on this all week, but my sinuses had other plans. When I got to work on Monday there were wicked strong paint fumes coming from the tenant next to us. I tried to defend my poor sinuses with some Flonase and breathing through my sleeve or turtleneck all day, but I was useless by noon. I spent Monday night, Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday on the couch with the kindle. The property manager and my boss really worked hard to get the smell out so I could come back to work Thursday, and I felt semi-human by Friday after I returned from Planet Sudafed. So that means I whipped this sucker up in a few hours this weekend! Joe is at a conference, so I was on my own for a photographer. I used the timer on my camera, and got a lot of shots like this:

But, I did manage to get one decent shot before the snow started coming down:

I use the word decent liberally here. It's all I could do with what I had. :) My pattern review is here if you're into that sort of thing, but my thoughts are that it makes me look heavier than I am because the ruching hits right below the bust & camouflages my sorta small waist. So, lesson learned. No more ruched waist dresses. It was fun to make though and SO easy. I rocked those set-in sleeves too (I think it's all the experience I got making snuggies), so at least it was good practice!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day and a FO!

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's/President's Day/Daytona 500/Olympics weekend? I sure did! Joe had off for 2 of the 3 days, so we had lots of bonding time. Sunday was the Daytona 500, so we did our shopping on Saturday as well as exchange our Valentine's gifts. We usually keep it small and low key. For instance, I made him this neckwarmer:

And I made him and Olivia these conversation sugar cookies in words they both understand:

He evidently didn't get the low key memo because he got me this:

My mouth DROPPED when I opened it! I never mentioned I wanted one, never even hinted it, but he somehow knew! The downside is that I got absolutely nothing done on my day off on Monday because I just wanted to read, read, read!

In other news, I have a couple of dresses in mind for the February garment-a-month club, so hopefully I'll get one sewn up next weekend. If I can tear my attention away from ebooks, that is. :)