Thursday, March 30, 2006

No FO, shameless Kitty photo instead

Rocco playing dead
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Joe cleaned yesterday. This means I will not find my camera for at least 2 days. So, no new FO to show. I am one square away from being finished with my mitred square baby blanket (that I totally ripped off from Paula). If I have enough yarn left over, I might make the little one a matching pillow. Still pondering that one, though. If the camera surfaces, pics tomorrow. Until then, here's Rocco playing "if you don't feed me soon, I will die. I mean it. Look at how weak I am already. Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeee feeeeeeeed meeeeeee. I love you. Mommy? Are you listening? Ok, see, I died. Look at what you did." Crazy cat.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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This hat is really red, not coral. My bedroom is apparently quite sunny at 7 AM. Who knew? Odessa was really easy to knit even though it looks really complicated. There's just alot of counting involved. And beads. Alot of beads. All of the beads ended up on the purl side of my stitches, so I had to force them to the front to sit on the knit stitches. (My trusty makeup mirror is modeling for me.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blog vacation

Cupcake Hat
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I haven't posted in so long, i forgot my password! Oops! So, this week, the plan is to post at least one FO each day so I can catch up. Man, coming back from vacation is a bitch! Anyway, this is my neice, Mackenzie and the cupcake hat I made her for Christmas. Her dad (my brother) is a big loser and hasn't seen her in over a year. She lives with her mom in Virginia & my idiot brother moved to Florida to "hide" from his ex & the evil child support collector. Asshole! Why have a baby if you don't want to support it? Why? Luckily, my parents have taken it upon themselves to help the ex out & they take her for the weekend here and there to give the mom a break. Still doesn't replace having a Dad, but hopefully my mom's guilt trips will make the boy come to his senses.