Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updates! Get your updates here!

Boy, do I have lots to show! That's what happens when you don't blog for nearly 2 months, I guess! Anyway, I believe we left off just before Stitches East came to Hartford for the first time. I like the Stitches Market, personally, because it is easy to find the good stuff. In a festival like Rhinebeck, I am so lost among all that nice yarn that I have no clue what to buy. At Stitches, there's so much frou-frou yarn that the nice yarn sticks out easily! I didn't buy much because I still have so much yarn that needs to be knitted, but here's my haul:
Some Cascade Eco Wool to make Aimee's Christmas present:

Some Socks that Rock in Strange Brew:

And, some Socks that Rock in Backstabber (LOVE their colorway names!):

After Stitches, my work had a Halloween party at the bowling alley and I won third place for my mermaid costume:

Then after that, we went to Aruba. Aaaaaahhh, Aruba. I already can't wait to go back. Here's Joe with his arm floaties on (in case he falls off his stool at the pool bar, of course):

We did a lot of drinking that week:

Don't worry; we don't drink much the rest of the year, so it's OK. Joe has his 2 beers a day to keep his 'good' cholesterol up and that's about it. His good cholesterol should have been through the roof during Aruba week. lol!

This past weekend, we went to VA to attend and make cake for Baby Hewen's first birthday party. I think I have another happy customer:

AND, while I was there, Aimee gave me my birthday present a little early, a Pandora bracelet:

Love, love, love it! Joe got the blue & green bead for me in Aruba; it's the 'official' Caribbean bead. The rest of them are (left to right): a kitty cat, purple Murano glass bead, the letter J, a ball of yarn, the Caribbean bead, Sebastian from the little Mermaid, and a purple & green Murano glass bead.

This weekend we have Thanksgiving at Joe's parents, Black Friday shopping on my birthday, and sewing and knitting on Saturday and Sunday. Should be fun! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!