Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer of Sequels

I hate to blog when I don't have much to say. And, just like at the theaters, there's just repeats of the same ol stuff going on here. I'm making my friend Aimee a Sahara. In the same exact color I made mine in. BO-RING!

And, we went to another Yankee game just like last year. They won again. Yawn.

I guess there is one important thing to say to the moms out there; please remember to tell your kids to say no to crack.



robin said...

I hate blogging when I don't have much to say too - lately I've even hated blogging with WIPS and have been waiting until I have FOs to show. Ewww on the last picture..some people have no shame! I'd rather have seen a thong than that!

Gothknits said...

That is where you throw your ice when you are done with your drink!