Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Am I gonna make it?

Will I finish the sweater? Yes. Before the end of the Project Spectrum blue months? We shall see. I should finish the knitting in the next day or so, but I am dreading the seaming. This is why I knit stuff in the round. Now I am wondering why I didn't just knit this in the round. What was I thinking? Anyway, wish me luck!
---crappy cell phone picture at work because I forgot my camera

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0: The Redemption

I am doing so much better this time around with Project Spectrum! I really went nuts with the blue & white projects this time-and I actually finished some of them! First, here's the blue dress I started LAST JUNE when PS was in its blue month:

Then, I made this blue denim skirt (it's not completely done; I need to pick out all of those white threads that are getting shreddy-that's how you make it all fringey)

Meanwhile, I was making this So-Called Scarf out of some Malabrigo in Tuareg (a.k.a. blue).

Of course, I had to start on my socks for March (blue Schaefer Anne on Blue Comfort Zone Needles)

And, finally a blue & white skirt I made in sewing class that needed the perfect little summer top to go with it; and the perfect little pattern just popped up on my screen Thursday. What DID we ever do without Knitty?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jenny's got a brand new bag

Guys, I know I go on and on about how great Joe is. But, dude, look what he bought me! He went to Vegas for his annual work conference & won some award ( that came with a handful of cash) and he said we could go to the yarn shop & I could get anything I wanted. EEEEEEE!!!! I was in Creative Fibers about 30 seconds & I knew exactly what I wanted. Jordana Paige Knitter's Purse, duh! A piece of goo-filled candy broke in my old purse, so I needed a new one anyway. I figured kill two birds with one stone, right?