Monday, April 30, 2007


Photography courtesy of the bathroom mirror at work. Sexy!

Yay! Sahara’s done! I LOVE it! It was so easy to make & it fits perfectly.

The specs:
-Sahara pattern, size M
-8 balls of Classic Elite Premiere in 5215 (Meadow Grass). I have a bunch of leftovers; 7 balls might have been enough, but I didn’t want to weave in unnecessary ends, so I would start a new ball whenever I started a new section (i.e. each sleeve, the neckline, etc.).
-size 7 Knit Picks Options for the body (great for cotton yarn, BTW) and size 5 for the lace. I had to bring my Denise set out of retirement for the sleeves because the KP set doesn’t have any short cords.
-Started 4/9; finished 4/28
-Mods: none really, but I did a little trickery on the neckline bind-off. I bind off REALLY tightly, so I bound off with a US 10.5 needle up the front until I got to the back of the neck. Then, I did a sewn bind off on the back of the neck, and then picked up the 10.5 again for the other side of the front. That way, the chain looks neat & pretty, but the bind off chain doesn’t pinch the back of my neck. I did the sewn bind off on the waist and the arms as well.
-Thoughts: I really like this yarn. 50% cotton; 50% tencel, so soft and beautiful drape. It feels like a dream against the skin. The pattern was so well written and super easy. I just might make another one!


Robin said...

Sahara looks great!! I like the color and it looks like it fits well.

I haven't bought the Knit Picks set yet - does it have long cords so you can do Magic Loop on sleeves? This is what I usually use for small diameter knitting.

I like your blog - added you to Bloglines!

Karen said...

Another beautiful and fast knit! Your needles must be smoking! Looks great Jenny!

Pam said...


Elysbeth said...

Great Sahara, it's a great fit! I've seen others that just didn't look so classic. Sorta makes me want to make one.