Monday, July 07, 2008

O, Hai!

I can’t believe the last thing I blogged was that faux pregnant picture of myself. I have been up to a lot since then. Progress is happening on Joe’s sweater:
I also made him a swiffer cover (he loves to vacuum and swiffer the house):
Swiffer cover
The pattern is loopy dust mop sleeve by MK Carrol. I changed the pattern a bit to accommodate my swiffer Max (which just means it’s bigger). And, I also liked the bobbles on this swiffer cover for holding it on, so I improvised some bobbles for mine. I love how the yarn made those stripes!
Then, I made a baby feet washcloth (with improvised bobbles again for the toes) for the bff:
Baby feet washie
After my all cotton, all the time stint, my hands and wrists were begging for some wool. So, who am I to refuse them? I started Salina from Vintage Knits with some JoSharp Silkroad DK from the stash:
I have been wanting to make this one for a while, and am glad I finally got off my butt and started it. In sewing news, I made a muslin of the shorts on this pattern:

Sorry, no modeled shot of that one! I’m glad I made the muslin, because I need to go down 2 sizes from what I thought I was and I didn’t waste any good fabric finding that out. Also, the crotch of this pattern is kind of weird, so I may try to figure out how to improve their design a little. Or maybe not. We’ll see. Rocco helped the whole time, of course:

What is it about pattern tissue and freshly washed fabric that is irresistible to kitties?? Oh, speaking of fabric, I just realized I never blogged about our trip to Osgood’s. We couldn’t take the bike because it was rainy that day, but it’s only 40 minutes away, so we went in the car anyway. I got a few knits to make some tops (just solid colors, nothing exciting), and MORE swimsuit material:

I really hope all these swimsuits come out OK. I’ll have plenty of practice if not! How was Osgood's, you're wondering? It was……… overwhelming. There was fabric everywhere and it wasn’t the best organizational skills I’ve ever seen. The knits and spandex blends were together for the most part, but I found some random sections of it mixed in with the cotton and with the satins. I can’t complain though, it was more fabric than I’ve seen in a really long time. I'll be back, but I'm going to need a shot of whiskey or something first. LOL


Knittymuggins said...

A guy that loves to vacuum and swiffer the house???? Where can I find one of those?

All the projects look great! I especially like that baby feet dishcloth. So cute!


Robin said...

The baby feet washcloth is really cute! I've discovered that muslins are a good thing even on knit stuff - after my adventure with that trainwreck dress. I think smaller sizes work better with knits - 2 sizes smaller is what I'm thinking for the latest Threads dress too (and ultimately that Vogue one once I get that going.)

Marjorie said...

You've certainly been busy. The baby feet washcloth is adorable.

I hadn't heard about Osgood's before, and it seems as if it would only be a one-hour drive for me. That is dangerous. Two football fields filled with fabric!

Ed does some vacuuming, but I can't say that he approaches it with any enthusiasm (nor do I). Would Joe like to visit with his swiffer?

Karen said...

Yep, you've been busy. I've had the yarn for Salina for a long, long time now. Maybe I'll actually make it one of these days too.

If you could bottle and sell whatever makes Joe like to vacuum and run the swiffer, well you'd be a very rich woman.

Sam said...

Your cat looks like the twin of mine.