Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yay! Presents!

The other day Robin, of Yarn Crawl fame, asked me if I would like a sweater she was half-done knitting because she couldn't take the hemp yarn anymore. I completely understand her frustration with the stuff; it can really be rough to work with. But I LOVE the sweater she was working on and I also don't mind the hemp so much, so I was happy to release her from her UFO prison. Here's what she sent me; she totally did the hard part for me:
Lacy Little Top
And a little BONUS hemp!
Lana Hemp
Love the green! I have no idea which of their tops I am going to make with it.... There are so many patterns to pick from & I can't decide! But anyway, back to Lacy Little Top, I haven't been able to keep my hands off it since it arrived, and am just about done:
Lacy Little Top
It looks like it should fit a 12 year old, but I know that hemp will block to whatever I tell it to block to, so I'm not too worried. Thanks again, Robin! Can you tell I like it? ;)

p.s. Have you guys read Twilight? I'm reading it now & WOW. It's billed as teen lit, but like Harry Potter, adults get just as sucked in. Can't wait for the movie this Christmas!


Robin said...

You got so much done!! Love the "Yarn Crawl fame" part - you are too nice. Glad you like it! Just added Twilight to my Amazon list too.

Karen said...

If hemp blocks to whatever you tell it to, I need to knit only with hemp from now on. It's pretty and almost done!