Monday, June 16, 2008

Pure Silliness

OK, before I get a zillion emails that say 'congratulations,' let me just say I AM NOT PREGNANT! But, my best friend is! I have so much knitting and sewing mojo going on right now, I thought I would attempt to make her some maternity clothes as well as a few baby things. So, first up are the maternity clothes. I found this nice pink jersey at Affordable Fabrics ($3 total!), so I whipped up Butterick 5196 on Sunday. I had to take the pic before I finished the hems, because we had to leave to go to dinner, but you get the point:

(My favorite salad bowl is substituting as a baby bump). I could not stop giggling when Joe was taking the picture; you should have seen the look of horror on his face! I really hope she likes this because I think it's ADORABLE. The knot part drove me a little batty, but I think I have the hang of it now. She and I are basically the same size, but she is nearly a foot taller than I am, so hopefully the length will work for her.
In knitting news, I finished sleeve #1 on Anniversary, and am on to knit the back now. I fear running out of yarn on this one, so I figure if I knit the back + one sleeve, I will have knit exactly half of the sweater and will know if I need to order more yarn.
I can't wait for next weekend because Joe & I have a Harley trip planned to go to this fabric store in Massachusetts. Yay! So, how was your weekend?


Robin said...

Cute top and maternity pic! You make a cute pregnant person. Looks like Rocco is confused too by his "mom" looking different.

Good idea on knitting half the sweater to see how much yarn you'll need - I'll have to remember that trick.

Can't wait to see what finds you score at that fabric store. Looks like lots of silk fabrics!

Marjorie said...

What a great style for a maternity item. That was one time in my life when I decided not to make clothes for myself. I couldn't imagine how to do the fitting.

One simple and very useful baby thing I did make was receiving blankets. I thought the prices were outrageous, and so I got some cotton flannel, cut it in big squares (1-yard squares), and just zig-zagged the hem. You don't need those blankets for long, and it seemed really silly to spend a lot of money on them.

Karen said...

Ok, I'll admit the picture surprised me a bit before I read your post! haha Cute top. They don't make very many maternity patterns at all, never mind cute ones. Good deal on the fabric. I really like that store.

Knittymuggins said...

What an adorable photo! I agree with Robin - you would make such a cute preggo gal ;) Your friend is lucky to have you making her such sweet stuff!

Have fun on your Harley trip this weekend!