Monday, October 01, 2007

Making up for last weekend

Last weekend sucked. This weekend ROCKED! I got so much done & we went to Jersey for the day on Saturday too! Joe's godmother/great aunt turned 85 last week, so we all threw her a surprise party Saturday. She is in very good shape (works out every day for 2 hours), so we weren't too concerned about her having a heart attack or anything. She is always complimenting my knitting, so I had to make her something:
I used the waffle stitch that I used in the Back to School Vest, and what I'm calling the "dunkin donuts" colorway of Sugar n Cream. We also gave her some DnD coffee & a mug to stay with the theme. She was ecstatic. She is such a great lady.

On Sunday, I did all the laundry, cleaned our bedroom, made a pie, made stuffed peppers for supper, and finished my shrug from the Fitted Knits book. All without Red Bull!
"Two" toned shrug
(Sorry for the crummy pic-it was getting dark). I am really loving this book. I want to make the Cozy V-neck sweater next, but I have too many other things I need to make first.

Shrug details:
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (7 balls) purchased from Needleworks during their going out of business sale. I actually bought it specifically to make a shrug like this & could never find a pattern worthy of such great yarn.
Needles: Knit Picks Options size 9
Started: Sept 16
Finished: Sept 30
Mods: Sleeve length; that's it. It's a great design. Just don't kid yourself with your measurement. Mine was 17, which was the 5th size up. I'm usually the 2nd or 3rd size in patterns, but I went with my measurement & am so glad I did.

What a great weekend. I got tons done, had fun, and even cranked out a FO!


Knittymuggins said...

Your shrug looks great! I *love* that Cashmerino Aran stuff. I used it to make Fetching for my mom, but I bet a shrug out of it would be even better! So glad to hear you had such a great weekend to make up for the last one :)

Robin said...

The shrug turned out really cute! I think that is where I went wrong with my shrug - I couldn't believe I was coming out as the 3rd or 4th size as I'm usually the 1st or 2nd one!! Maybe I'll make another one. Glad you had a productive, fun weekend!

Karen said...

Very pretty shrug! Isn't it great when knits come out the size they are suppose to? I wish that happened more often for me. :)