Sunday, April 01, 2007

Road Trip!

Joe got a new car; he wanted me to show you guys. It's a Ford Edge and it's pretty sweet. I think I'll give him a week or two with it and then go ahead & "borrow" it for good. hehehehehehehehe. We, of course, had to take a road trip right away, so we went to Virginia to go yarn shopping.

I got some Colinette Jitterbug from Lettuce Knit. Because 1-I never learn & 2-Even though my socks don't match, I really love the way they feel on my feet.

Then, we went to Unravelled, & I got some Katia Jamaica to make a Tulip at some point.

And, finally the Knitting Basket, where I just got some junk (VK & my 15th needle gauge) because I didn't see any yarn I just HAD to have. They had a bunch of nice stuff, but I think I was overwhelmed at that point. We looked for Got Yarn, but the address I had written down was an office building, so I think we were at the wrong place. We also didn't make it to the Yarn Lounge, but I figured I'll save it for next time.


Karen said...

Awesome car! I think you should borrow it too!

I love the Katia Jamaica yarn. I almost bought some last year at Creative Fibers but for once I behaved and didn't. Maybe this year...

Rae said...

I came across your block from the Isabella knit along. I love the dress!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. Also was wondering if Joe would mind giving some details on the yarn swift he made you. I'm really impressed. Thinking that my hubby should use some of those tools he's got stored out in the shop.