Sunday, April 08, 2007


Isabella & I haven't spoken for about a week. After a few issues with the neckline & me trying to do a 3 needle bind off where there shouldn't be one, we called each other a few choice phrases & called the whole thing off. Well, last night we made up. I undid my disastrous bind off, seamed up the sides, re-did the bind off & we were in love once again.

Here she is:
Pattern: Knitty's Isabella, size M
Yarn: Dale of Norway Stork, color 35
Needles: Size 4 Addis
Modifications: I didn't do the picots because my last tank had a picot edge. I did a single crochet all around the arm holes & the bottom. I also decreased 4 extra stitches on each armhole because I thought it looked a little too bulky on the model. I would do even more if I could do it over.

Done, done, onto the next one:

This is the yarn that came in the other day for Sahara. I'm starting it today. Yay!


Jordana said...

This is the first Isabella I've seen done. You did a great job! Do you mind if I add the photo to my flickr album?

NutmegOwl said...

You are SUCH a goddess!

Now I need you to teach me to switch to continental, too.

Perhaps if I *ever* get to see you again!

Cathy said...

Did the yarn requirements for Isabella actually work out for you? I'm terrified that if I buy the recommended yarn - Rowan, even! - I'd be spending less than $40. :)

Jenny said...

Cathy, I bought 5 balls of the Stork (very similar yardage to the 4 ply), and only used 4 of them. Now, I didn't do the picots on the bottom or the arms, so that would have eaten some of the 5th ball if I decided to do them. But, yeah, the total price for the top was $20. Can't beat that!

Devonshire said...

So if I wanted to live the stitches live on the shoulders and do a 3 needle bind off if doesn't work? Can you tell what made it look funny?

Karen said...

Isabella came out wonderful! You look great in it too!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Great yarn, I love Premiere!