Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just.....I can't......Why did it........AAAAAHHHH!

I’m baffled. Absolutely baffled. This yarn is from the same ball. No lie. THE SAME BALL. Stupid Colinette. I have the worst wrist cramp from trying to finish them because I was so excited about this yarn. Now I want to just cry.

The legwarmers are what I made the step-daughter for Christmas. They’re American Eagle “knock offs” and are my first knits without a pattern (not counting garter stitch scarves, of course).


Karen said...

I hate it when yarn does that. I made a pair of camo socks that did that. I was not happy either. I kept ripping out the second one trying to get it to look similar, but it didn't work.

Gothknits said...

The legwarmers look great! the socks are just trying to get you to think outside the matching sox box.

I hope you stop by tonight. I miss you.

Eleni said...

You know, this happens to me a lot. Regardless of making the effort to get them to match. I'm just over it and have decided who gives a crap, they are hand-knitted socks and if they don't end up identical, it adds to their charm. Or something like that. :)