Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Secret Projects

I never post about secret projects until I can show them because I HATE when people say, "I have a secret project I'm working on, but I can't show you for 3 months." Why do people do that to me? Don't they know I hate suspense? I'm the person that refused to read any Harry Potter books until the last one was published long enough to be readily available at the library. I was not willing to wait even a week to find out what happens next, forget about years.

Anyway, back to the secret knitting. After many years of practicing (wink, wink), Paula from my SnB is having a baby! Yay!! A few of us got together last night to shower her with all kinds of yummy handmade goodies. Here's my contribution to the loot:

It's a Jasper's Pucksack, aka Baby Kicking Bag. I, of course, didn't know about the "aka" part until last night when Paula opened Audrey's gift and it was the same exact pattern. Heh, heh. I'm a little slow.
Obligatory monkey shots:

At least I was original with one thing--I was the only one who made her Nine Inch Nails onesies!

The yarn on the baby sack is Happy Feet by Plymouth (I love the crazy zig zags it made!), and the onesies are just Gerber Organics with a homemade iron-on made from a Googled image. I'm sure there's some copywright violation involved somehow, but I didn't earn any money from them, just big smiles from Paula. :)

On another note, I got Custom Knits in the mail the other day, and am having the hardest time picking out what to make first. I like all of the patterns, and LOVE most of them. Any suggestions?


Robin said...

I hate hearing about secret knitting too. That pucksack is cute! Those NIN onesies are super cool and unique! She must be a fan...

I like almost everything in Custom Knits too. I like that one that is sort of off-the-shoulder toward the back of the book - they made it with Artyarns Supermerino, I think. I'm going to make that one first with one of my 800 yard lots of Tess Cultivated Silk & Wool as it doesn't take more than that. I also have some RYC Soft Tweed in "bramble" (like a reddish pink) my stash and want to make that wrap thing except in a coat length as I have a lot of the Soft Tweed.

Gothknits said...

I love all my stuff! Thanks again. And I'll have the only baby around with NIN onesies!

Karen said...

It's good she got two of them. After he spits up all over one, he'll have a nice clean one to snuggle up in. :)