Monday, August 25, 2008

FO: Twilight Mitts

Check it out! I'm a gold medalist in Colorwork Cross-country!

My Ravelympics project was the Winter Twilight Mitts from Knitting Daily. I had some yummy purple Koigu in the stash for the purple parts, but had to track down some good solid black sock yarn for the "trees" parts. I found some Jawoll at Creative Fibers on my lunch hour one day and decided to give it a try. I'm officially a fan. It has this little spool of matching reinforcement thread inside the skein for heels & toes. Too cool! I didn't need it for this project, but it's good to know for the future. Oh, right, you want to see the FO:
twilight mitts
The pose is a copy of the Twilight book cover, in case you don't get the reference.
The front view:
twilight mitts
You can kind of see that one is slightly longer than the other. I didn't knit any extra rows, just kind of knit a little more loosely on the second mitt, so now I have one that's slightly bigger than the other. I don't mind. I'll use that one on my right hand so I have more dexterity on that side.

By the way, I have a cute story for you guys. A few months ago, the weather was changing, which made my sinuses go crazy. I was out fabric shopping, and I stopped to get some Sudafed so my brain wouldn't implode. I just threw the Sudafed in a bag with my fabric purchases and didn't think about it again -- until last week. I woke up with a pounding headache and could not get out of bed to get myself anything to help it. I asked Joe to get up & get it for me & had to try to explain where I thought the Sudafed might be. After the 7th (!!) bag, he finally found it, but it was too late; my fabric stash was totally exposed. I have a feeling some sort of motorcycle parts purchase is in my future now so he can get even with me. ;)


Robin said...

The mitts look great!! Totally cool and intricate, and of course I love the Twilight pose.

Yeah, there's definitely motorcycle parts in your future!

Marjorie said...

Great project, and your color choices are wonderful.

I used Jawoll for socks for my son (green and white--Jets colors), and I thought I was knitting forever (he has humongous feet). The yarn does make good socks, but I am not sure I'm up to the challenge of another pair for him.

Karen said...

Pretty mitts! I hadn't seen the cover of the book yet, so the pose made me think of Snow White as soon as I saw it.

Knittymuggins said...

Congrats on your gold!! Those mitts are gorgeous too ;) Great job!

After all the recent knitting while camping that I did, I realized I really really need a pair of fingerless mitts myself....