Monday, August 18, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Hi there! I was going to wait to make a new post when I had a new FO to show, but since there are none, I figured I'd post what I've been up to in the meantime. I entered the Ravelympics on Team Twilight with the Twilight Mitts from Knitting Daily. Here's how much I have so far:

I have also been working on the ever-exciting stockinette in the round Salina, when I can stand it:

That's about it in knitting news. My sewing mojo has taken a hiatus for some reason, so nothing at all to show there.

In other news, Joe & I went to Virginia last weekend for my mom's 60th birthday *surprise* party. She was surprised to see everyone she knew, as she thought she was just going to a casual cookout at a friend's house. HOWEVER, when she saw Joe and me, she SCREEEEEAAAAAAAMMMED bloody murder! She screamed for like 15 seconds solid. This gave her a migrane & she had to go lay down. So, no more surprise visits from Joe & Jenny. Next time, we'll warn her. Here we are when it was still funny:

For her gift, I made her a little hat that she saw at MD S&W that she had a fit over:
We stayed a couple days more in VA and then came home for Joe's birthday on Thursday. I got him Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd concert tickets, so he was a happy boy! Then on Friday we went to Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. We had the motorcycle trip from HELL on Friday getting there (thanks a LOT, weatherman! "isolated" thunderstorms? for 4 hours straight? HA!) But once we were there, we had a really nice time. I loved the little gingerbread house village on MV:

So cute! And, we both LOVED Nancy's clam shack in Oak Bluffs:

I took this picture so we could remember where to go next time we're there. So, I am sufficiently tired and sore from riding the Harley for 3 days straight and just might take a nap under my desk if no one is looking. ;)
Other than the Kid Rock concert, I have no plans for the next 3 weekends, so I should have some sewing time coming up. I'm dying to finish my purple swimsuit top, as I have it all cut out & ready, but have had zero time to do anything with it. Stay tuned!


Robin said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! I didn't realize you went to two different places either!

Knittymuggins said...

I love that photo of you laughing!! Sorry the surprise didn't work out quite as planned, but it's so sweet how excited she was to see you :)

Yeah, I've had some motorcycle trips from hell too, so I can commiserate! Glad the rest was fun though and Happy belated Birthday to Joe!!


Elysbeth said...

Sounds like fun, except the thunderstorm.

So excited she got a migraine? My goodness.