Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa Came! Santa Came!

OK, so I know everyone else already posted their Christmas pics, but I've been on Virginia time, so everything was going a little slower than usual (especially my parent's internet connection. Yikes!). Now I'm back in CT, and ready to show all my gifties. First, I'll show what Santa Joe brought, pinking shears and the Harmony Needle set (YESSSSSS!!):
Pinking Shears
Harmony needle set
I got other stuff too, but that's all the blog worthy stuff. Next, my Secret Santa from work got me all these goodies:
Happy Feet
Lantern Moon Bag
Lantern Moon bag, Brittany crochet hook, Happy Feet sock yarn, and the Secret Language of Knitters book. She also got me a Creative Fibers gift card too. I don't think she got the memo that said the SS limit was $10, even though she was the one that sent the memo. Moving on, this was from my BFF:
Solitude Wool Sock Kit
It's a sock kit from Solitude Wool in Virginia. Her MIL is a knitter, so I think she had a little helper pick it out. Whatevs, I scored! This is what I gave her (No, I didn't finish the blanket):
Swedish Lodge Teapot
Tea Cozy
(the teapot from her china pattern plus the matching cozy.) Per Blogless Audrey's suggestion, I needle felted the little swirlies on the already felted cozy--which I had never done before. What a great idea that was! So easy and WAAAAAY better than duplicate stitch. Thanks, Audrey! :)
I finished mom's socks in the car on the way down to Virgina:
Mom's Socks
They are knitty's toe ups made with Painted Sock by the Painted Sheep. They were a big hit. Too big of a hit, in fact. She asked for more for Mother's day. I politely told her to not hold her breath. ;)
This is the scarf I knit for Joe's daughter.
Olivia Scarf
It was not as big a hit as the socks. It's still sitting on the steps with the crap her grandmother bought her. Oh, well. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


Robin said...

Love the Harmony wood needles and that Secret Santa gift! Wow! Glad your mom liked her socks too!

LOL on those being the only blog-worthy gifts - yeah, Jim got me some that weren't exactly blog-worthy (or shall I say blog-appropriate?) himself!!

Knittymuggins said...

Great gifts! And I adore that little teapot cozy you made. Sooooo cute!

Happy New Year!!


NutmegOwl said...

WHEW! The gang has been wondering whether Darling Joe would get the 674 hints about Harmony rather than a Journey pendant. Glad to know your marriage is very secure and you're well-needled for the new year!

Elysbeth said...

Wow! that's some Secret Santa.

And you knew Joe would come through.

Happy 2008