Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Knitting

After declaring (rather loudly) that I would not be making any knitted Christmas gifts this year, a couple people hinted that they can't wait to see what I'm making them, so I have caved. Nothing major, just a few small items, but caving nonetheless. I almost finished a scarf for Joe's daughter, finished the knitting part of a felted tea cozy for my BFF (I only call her that b/c she hates that I call her that. LOL).
I haven't started my mom's socks, though. I can't figure it out; why don't I want to knit for her? Is it because she never wears what I make her? Is it because she knows how to knit, but refuses to apply herself and learn new techniques beyond knitting and purling? I know she'll like whatever I make her, and there's never been a more appreciative recipient of a hand knitted gift, but the fact that she won't wear/use what I make her because "it's too pretty" drives me absolutely insane!!

On a lighter note, here's what's been making me all giggly lately:
He practically LIVES under there lately. So cute!


Robin said...

Aww, I love the pic of Rocco under the tree!! So cute!

LOL at your mom refusing to apply herself - sounds like something a teacher would say about someone at school!! She just wants to appreciate your knitted pieces as "performance art", that's all.

Come by my blog- you've been tagged for a meme! If I have to do it, you have to do it. LOL.

Karen said...

My Mom also "saves" the socks I make for her. It makes me nuts. This year she is getting a scarf!

Jenn said...

What is it about cats and Christmas trees? When I was younger we had two cats that liked to sit IN the tree. The year they attacked the bird ornament was the best, they stripped that poor thing down to a ping pong ball. Priceless!