Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

We went to Virginia over the weekend to see my parents & stopped off for a quick visit and to deliver Sahara to my friend Aimee. I forgot to take her picture in it, but it looked so great on her and she really loves it! Then, we went to my parents' house where I found this on their stove: I love love love home grown tomatoes. I tried to eat all of them, but I only managed 4 (Yes, that is a little pot of bacon grease behind the tomatoes. -I used to have one on my own stove because I thought everyone did- until I realized just how WRONG that is). On Sunday, we went to G Street Fabrics in Falls Church where I found these little treasures:
The green print is Marc Jacobs cotton with some sort of stretchy content (I forget what), and the white was a remnant I couldn't resist. Both are destined to be skirts.


Robin said...

Oh, love the tomatoes and especially the fabric. That green print is going to be an awesome skirt. I love stretchy fabric for skirts (LOL). Glad Aimee loved her Sahara - again, you are an amazing friend to make the exact same sweater in the exact same color!

Gothknits said...

That green will be a perfect skirt for your Sahara. Hope to see you this week.