Monday, August 20, 2007

FO: Mitred Square Blankie

Our company picnic was this weekend, so I dragged out the blanket (that has been languishing in my cedar chest for MONTHS) to give to our VP's newly adopted daughter. They were accepted as her parents before the adoption ban went into effect for Russian children, but it took FOREVER to get her. I made the blanket back in February right after I heard they got accepted, and just never wove in the ends or put the border on it. They picked her up from Russia and brought her home in June, but this would be the first time I met her, so I had to get that blanket ready. I whipped out the fray check and my darning needle and finished it just in time.
Another satisfied customer:
She loved it! She also seems to have good taste in friends, because she hung out with me all day. The VP came in this morning and said she didn't stop talking about me all weekend. [AWWWWWWW!]
When we got home, this was on my doorstep: It's for the Mirepoix bodice from the new interweave. I guess I needed a challenge? Or maybe Robin is just a bad influence! Either way, I love the colors & I think it's going to be soooooo pretty.
Sunday we went to another Yankee game where we listened to this guy scream his head off the entire time.
He has to be related to Sam Kinison. They could be brothers. Seriously. I made some progress on my other WIP's, but I think they might be disasters, so I'm not showing them until I know for sure. Whoever wrote that Teva Durham's new crochet book was a good coffee table book is starting to look really smart right now.


Robin said...

Nice blankie!

Come on - I bared my disasters to the world!

You should post that Knit Picks yarn to the MB KAL site...Dawn will love it, she is trying to find a yarn sub.

The Fuck Up said...

omg! where did you find the pattern fpr the blanket? i want to make one too!

The Fuck Up said...

Oh, allright... well, maybe I'll just try to make my own pattern.

The blanket is super cute anyways...

Elysbeth said...

What a darling child. Obviously good taste. I thought the whole point of a blog was to post your funny mistakes where Knitters could get a laugh, instead of trying to make a Muggle understand why it's wrong. ;)

Laurel said...

Ooooh, nice KnitPicks haul! And both the blanket and its recipient are totally adorable.

As for the Sam Kinison clone, I'm always tempted to stage a little "Whoopsie! Did I spill on you?" incident with an ice cold beer in those situations. But, only if the loud lout in question is annoying enough to warrant wasting the beer. :-)