Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Look, Ma, I got gauge!

I hate gauge swatches. I am a total instant gratification knitter and they just annoy me. This is why I haven't really made garments before I guess. But I really wanted to make Hopeful for myself AND actually wear it, so I decided to at least make a little one. The bottom 1/2 is on 8s (4.5 st/in) & the top half is on 7s (5 st/in--what I was going for). I am not going to worry about row gauge because the pattern is written to go by inches, not rows. I have around 4 or so inches done & I still have gauge. Woo hoo!! I feel like a real live knitter!

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Gothknits said...

I totally understand. I hate swatching and rarely do it. Hence all my fubar'd projects. I think the pattern is lovely and will look fabulous on you.