Sunday, April 30, 2006

What we do for fun

So, sometimes I read other knitting blogs and see what they do on the weekends (other than knitting) and I think: "Ren Faire? Soccer tournament? Karaoke? Folk music festival? WTF? What a bunch of LOSERS!!!" To everyone I have ever thought that about, I apologize. I realized today that it takes all kinds of people.........

First, my getup:

Slimming, huh?

Then there's my hairdo:

It really does help with keeping the hair out of my face, plus I'm tangle-free when I get home!

Then we meet up with 5,000 or so friends:

Then listen to the governor tell us to be safe, thanks for giving money to the children's hospital, blah, blah, blah:

Then we ride through the capital city and 3 surrounding towns and scare people. Fun stuff! The boy sure was happy though:

And in the end, that's all that matters. He does fund many ridiculous yarn purchases, so I have to give him a little Joe time every now and then. Plus I get to see some really freaky people at these things. I have pictures of them, but blogger is being retarded, so I guess I'll post them later.


Pam said...

Hey -I'm a Harley chick too! Love the hair/braid thing, anything to keep the snarls out.

Karen said...

Do you knit on the back of the bike? ;)

Jenny R said...

Karen, I wish! That is the #1 down side to riding the bike. I always bring a WIP with me in case there is any down time, though.

Pam, it was funny; yesterday, I saw this girl with an OBVIOUSLY hand-knitted scarf on & I asked her if she made it (hoping to find a harley girl/knitter to hang with), and she said, "no, my grandma made it." Oh well.

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