Sunday, February 28, 2010

Butterick 5078

In true procrastinator fashion, I finished my garment-a-month project TODAY at 5 O'Clock. In my defense, I had INTENDED to work on this all week, but my sinuses had other plans. When I got to work on Monday there were wicked strong paint fumes coming from the tenant next to us. I tried to defend my poor sinuses with some Flonase and breathing through my sleeve or turtleneck all day, but I was useless by noon. I spent Monday night, Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday on the couch with the kindle. The property manager and my boss really worked hard to get the smell out so I could come back to work Thursday, and I felt semi-human by Friday after I returned from Planet Sudafed. So that means I whipped this sucker up in a few hours this weekend! Joe is at a conference, so I was on my own for a photographer. I used the timer on my camera, and got a lot of shots like this:

But, I did manage to get one decent shot before the snow started coming down:

I use the word decent liberally here. It's all I could do with what I had. :) My pattern review is here if you're into that sort of thing, but my thoughts are that it makes me look heavier than I am because the ruching hits right below the bust & camouflages my sorta small waist. So, lesson learned. No more ruched waist dresses. It was fun to make though and SO easy. I rocked those set-in sleeves too (I think it's all the experience I got making snuggies), so at least it was good practice!


Robin said...

I also commented on PR, but I feel the same way about ruched waist dresses for myself. They tend to add fluff where there isn't any so as you said, the apple/rectangle shapes do well with it as it camouflages anything going on there. The set in sleeves do look great, and I like the cowl neck. Have you tried Simplicity 3775 yet (without the ruching)? As you know, I really love that one. I am making myself another one with 3/4 sleeves, the V-neck and no ruching - cut it out yesterday.

Marjorie said...

That sort of style adds some inches to everyone's middle, but the dress still looks good on you and it is a great color.