Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer, Finally

I feel like I am somehow responsible for the recent heat wave we’ve been having. Every time Joe and I plan a trip on the motorcycle, there is either a heat wave, a blizzard, or some biblical strength thunderstorm. This year was no different, although the destination was! I had never been to the Adirondacks, and it’s a favorite vacation spot for loads of people we know up here. Joe had been before when his kids were little, and there were some things he wanted to see again, and some things he didn’t get to see last time. Friday was his birthday, so we went out for all the foods he has been banned from eating because of his cholesterol. We split some hot wings, ribs, and a killer cheeseburger at the Adirondack Pub. Then we went out for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s to complete the artery clogging. Fun stuff! On Saturday we took the Harley through the mountains to Fort Ticonderoga for some learning about stuff like war and history and really interesting blah blah blah blah. I was BORED out of my MIND until we got to this room:


Well, sort of. There were all these spinning wheels, swifts, a giant weaving loom (and other stuff that I have no idea what it is) in this random room in the fort. I swear crafts get no respect, even back then. Every arrow head, bullet, and razor blade in the entire fort had a little placard explaining what it was and who it belonged to, but you get to the GOOD stuff, and there’s no placard, no explanation, nothing. Just a room filled with awesome and no description of what any of it is. Bitches.

Anyway, we went to a really posh dinner that night at The Inn at Erlowest. It was included in our hotel package, or we probably would have eaten somewhere else. It was fantastic though, and Joe got a kick of them bringing him a new fork or knife on a silver tray every time he used one. I guess licking the old one & putting it back is not proper etiquette. Who knew?! ;) Then we took a moonlight cruise on the Minne Ha Ha (also included with the hotel package), which was really fun. They had a band that played 80s rock, so I was in heaven. Here we are just after dinner (I am wearing 4" platform heels, plus craning my neck to get in the picture, lol):

Oh, I forgot to tell you; Saturday morning we went to the Yarn Angel in Glens Falls, and I picked up some souvenir sock yarn. It’s Mirasol Hacho, and I just love the colors! The shop was super cute & well stocked, and everyone was really friendly.

Sunday we headed home and stopped at the outlet mall on the way. We stuffed the saddle bags with Under Armour shirts for Joe because the deals were just TOO good to pass up. I was glad to break my weekend ‘routine’ for a change, and even though I’m dreading the credit card statement, it was really fun to get away for a couple days! My next post will be “FO: Central Park Hoodie,” so stay tuned!


robin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Happy belated birthday to Joe too!

Can't wait to see that CPH - I always like when I see you've blogged as you always have something good to report.

Marjorie said...

My parents took me on an Adirondack trip like that when I was in grade school, and we saw the historic forts, the caverns, and all the gorgeous scenery. But I was much more eager to visit second-rate amusement parks like Enchanted Village (this is not the exact name). Still, I remember how beautiful everything was, and I'm sure the days away were great for you.

I don't remember the looms in Ticonderoga, just the huge cannons.

Heather said...

Hah! Thanks for making me LOL - where ARE those placards explaining the fun stuff, anyway!!