Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Houston, we have a baby!

Aimee had her baby! It's a beautiful little boy named Hewen Joseph, and he is so cute! He's not really named after my Joe, but he's telling everyone that he is. lol. Check him out:

Recognize a certain monkey in that picture? Don't they look like best buds already? Too cute! I must admit, I got a little weepy when I saw the picture of the monkey with the baby. It's a huge honor to make it into the hospital bag!

So, tomorrow's my birthday, and being the spoiled brat that I am, I already know what I'm getting. My parents always send money, so I bought some yarn for a Central Park Hoodie from Elann with their check:

I have recently been accused of buying yarn based on the color name, and this time it's absolutely true. It's Twilight Blue. Yes, my name is Jenny and I'm a Twilight-aholic. Or a Twi-hard if you prefer that term. hee hee.

Joe got me one of those new Blackberry's from Verizon, but they apparently don't care that it's my birthday tomorrow because it didn't get here yet. :( Oh well, looking at the picture of it is ALMOST as good:



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

Karen said...

That really is a big honor to make it into the hospital bag! They are both so cute together!

Happy Birthday!! Michael is getting that same phone from work and is pretty excited about it too. It's pretty Tweeet!

The yarn will make a gorgeous CPH!

Robin said...

The CPH is going to look really great in that yarn. What a cute baby! I have never heard of his first name before either.

Marjorie said...

Happy Birthday.

That is really beautiful yarn, it will look great in that pattern.

Gothknits said...

Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to see your hoodie.

I love the fact that the monkey is as long as the little one is. LOL You better make sure you keep that pattern. You'll have to make another when he loves that one to death.

Knittymuggins said...

Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was supa wonderful and you got spoiled rotten :)