Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back from Aruba!

We got back Sunday from our annual Aruba trip. What a huge bummer it was to come back to 35 degree weather! The 50 degree climate change has done my sinuses no good, I tell you. Before we left, we exchanged our anniversary gifts. Since this is our second, or 'cotton' anniversary, we gave each other cotton gifts. He got the sweater & he got me all this:

The Sew U knits book! Also, this awesome apron pattern from Sew liberated:

And, the (cotton) fabric to make the apron with:

That is one side, this will be the other, the plain brown will be the straps:

I love that it's reversible! That way, I can switch it around to match what I'm wearing.

Aruba was so great. We mostly relaxed at the beach and went shopping, except for one day of atv-ing in the desert and one early morning fishing trip. The week went by too fast, as usual. Now it's back to reality, Blah.


Karen said...

Welcome home! It's so awesome you guys go back there every year. I am so jealous.

I just washed the material yesterday for the same apron pattern! I am making one in blues and browns too and one in green and brown. It's a pretty pattern!

Marjorie said...

Sound like you had a good time.

I love the fabric. Light blue and brown is one of my favorite combos.

Robin said...

Very cool! I love that apron pattern. Sounds like you had fun.