Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sewing Extravaganza

Thank God Joe had to work all weekend because the sewing bug hit me HARD on Sunday! It all started on Friday night; work released us early, so I went home and finished the body and neckline of Labyrinth. The whole point of this was to find out if I had enough/too much of the Ella Rae Bamboo Silk because I knew I was going to WEBS the next day & could get more or return the excess. I found out when I got to WEBS that you can't return sale items, so it was a moot point. Oh, well, no biggie. I got a lot done anyway:

The whole purpose of the trip on Saturday was to go with Karen, Kris, Paula, Peggy, Audrey, and Amy to the Mass Sheep & Wool festival. It was so much fun! The festival's great and all, but I really look forward to going to the little fabric store & WEBS afterwards. I bought a skirt pattern and some fabric from Valley fabrics:

And some CotLin from WEBS to make some of those grocery bag thingies (like an everlasting bagstopper, for instance). I cut the skirt pattern out Sunday morning and it really motivated me to sew some UFO's that were hanging around in my sewing bag.
Like Simplicity 4189, view F:

View C:

And, of course the one that started the whole works, Favorite Things "Cute Skirts" pattern:

I really like this pattern, and am already in the hunt for more fabric to make another one. FYI, it does run closer to RTW sizes, not typical pattern sizes. I didn't realize this until it was too late, so mine is super roomy. But, it's elastic in the back, so it's not going to fall off or anything. ;)


Robin said...

Wow on all the skirts!! They look great. I haven't tried sewing a skirt with a handkerchief hem yet. That pattern looks cool too.

Labyrinth is looking great as well - love that color.

Wow on all your weekend accomplishments!! What's next?

Karen said...

Wow, you have been busy! All your skirts are so cute! I can't believe you sewed up the fabric you just bought already. You are good!

Marjorie said...

Cute skirts. You are so lucky to live close enough to visit WEBS. I suppose it is a good think for my budget that I don't!

Jess P. said...

Wow, super cute skirts. :)

Knittymuggins said...

Wow, such cute skirts!! And Labyrinth looks amazing so far! That color is going to look gorgeous on you :)