Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MD Sheep & Wool 2008

I am just now finally recovering from the Maryland trip. It's not like we had to fly far, do very much, or exert any energy to speak of, but I was TIRED when we got home. I guess any weekend not spent on the couch watching Food Network counts as "activity" to my body & therefore wears me out. Anyway!
First off, my mom is a little, um, nuts (it's ok if she happens to find the blog; she knows I think she's crazy). We got a suite for the weekend, and within 5 minutes, she had the place fully stocked for a month-long stay:

I took the liberty of stocking the fridge:

Aren't the little beers adorable? I couldn't resist them! The festival was of course amazing. I got to meet Jess from Ravelry:

I tried to get a Stew Leonard's bag picture with a sheep, but in true animal form, she turned her head at the last second:

And, the yarn! My God, the yarn! I love to just go for the "experience" and not necessarily to buy anything, so I ended up buying stuff I could have easily picked up on my lunch break at Creative Fibers. Whatevs, I had fun!
I got some SWTC Bamboo for the CrochetMe Babydoll Top:
SWTC Bamboo
Some Lorna's Laces sock yarn (Black Purl to match the Clapotis):
Black Purl Sock Yarn
I also got my WEBS sale purchases a week or so ago:
Ella Rae Silk
It's Ella Rae Bamboo Silk to make Labyrinth by Wendy Bernard/StitchDiva:
(Stitch Diva Photo)
I started this last night, and Joe commented that everything I am making lately has been purple (28Thirty, Clapotis, the babydoll top, the sock yarn, and now Labyrinth). I didn't even realize it! What can I say, purple makes me happy.


Courtney said...

According to yoga & the chakra system, attraction to purple means that you're identifying with your wisdom & your "third eye." Are you feeling particularly wise/in need of wisdom lately? :)

MDSW looks like it was a ton of fun!

Karen said...

Glad you had fun at the festival. I hope you took Monday off from work to recover/rest up. :)

Robin said...

I really love that purple yarn for the Crochet Me top! I have been liking blue lately. Maybe I should ask Courtney what that means

Marjorie said...

Ooh. I'm so jealous that you got to go (and I didn't). But I had the same reaction when I did get to Maryland in 2006. It was unbelievable.

Great stash enhancements.

Octopus Knits said...

Yay, purple! Looks like you had fun : )

P.S. Your Clapotis is gorgeous, and Oy looks fab in his little sweater!

Knittymuggins said...

Hooray!! Glad you had so much fun :)

And purple looks fantastic on you so I say just go with it!


Heather said...

Ack! I didn't realize you were coming to MD for S&W! I wish we had had time to catch up and say HI! :O(

And where the heck did you find the bamboo? I looked and looked for some there, but couldn't find any!