Monday, April 07, 2008

Life after Hermione

First off, thank you guys so much for all the compliments on Hermione! I absolutely love it and have worn it tons. As for life after Hermione, I have been pretty scattered. I started 28Thirty, got the body done, started one sleeve, purchased some cool purple buttons, and then nothing. I just have no desire to finish it.

So, I started a dog sweater for a friend at work. Word to the wise: never trust measurements taken by a non-knitter. Just sayin’. After a few frustrating attempts at the sweater (pattern and bad-measurement related), I got an email from Knitting Daily with a free pattern for garter mug cozies. I had to make one. HAD TO!!

Then, I got back on track with the doggie sweater. It started out life as Howie’s Knit-to-fit Sweater, but after the neck ribbing section, the pattern made absolutely NO sense, so I scrapped it and designed my own. Here it is sans-doggie, but I only finished it yesterday, so the recipient is yet to get a chance to model it.

In the awesomest of awesomeness category, a co-worker of Joe’s grandmother died (not awesome), and she had this huge yarn stash that the family had no idea what to do with. She happens to know I’m a knitter, so she asked if I would like to have it. Um, YES!! Duh!!

OK, a lot of it is acrylic, but not all of it. There is some pretty nice wool in there, as well as 3 projects that are very close to being done. One is a men’s vest, one is a ladies’ tee, and one is an afghan that happens to be in the EXACT colors of Joe’s daughter’s bedroom. Hello, graduation gift! This is just half of it; she couldn’t fit any more in her car, so she’ll give me the rest later. Yay!

In other news, I FINALLY started my Clapotis. My mom asked me if I wanted to meet her in Baltimore so we can go to the MD Sheep & Wool this year, and I just couldn’t think of a reason not to. ;) So, Clapotis will be my must-finish-before-MD trip project so I’ll have something hot off the needles to wear to the festival.

My last sewing class is tonight, so I hope to have some FOs to show from that next time.
p.s. There's a Ravelraiser going on in blogland. Show some love (and maybe win awesome prizes)!


Karen said...

Way to go on the new stash inheritance! I love the colorway you are using for Clapotis! It's my favorite LL colorway. It'll be perfect for MDSW. I am not going this year. (sniffle)

Marjorie said...

That is so neat that you've inherited a stash. I inherited a bunch of things from my mother (including yarn that she must have bought in 1946 to knit me a baby sweater), and some was really nice. I got about 5 Rowan kits among the other stuff. If you know anyone who wants pink and white baby yarn that is not machine washable, pass that info on. Superwash hadn't been invented back then.

I'm passing on Maryland this year too. I haven't knitted all I bought when I was there in 2006. Maybe next year.

Robin said...

That is great about the stash! I think 28 Thirty's going to look great when you decide to finish it. It might be one that has to sit in the yarn closet and age until fall. Ask me how I know about this particular classification of project?!?

So you're skipping Stitches East, or going to both that one and MDS&W? I am debating between going to it and going to Rhinebeck this year.

Knittymuggins said...

Hee hee - cute doggie sweater! You're getting awfully good at the making your own pattern thing too I might add. Totally awesome!

Uh oh. I have 28thirty on my next-to-do-list.... Maybe I should reconsider?

Can't wait to see what you end up with in your mystery stash ;) Hope everything is going well with you!