Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answers & Updates

You guys did pretty good on the movie quote game! The ones no one got were 1. Muriel's Wedding and 4. Party Girl.
I don't have the promised sewing FO's to show because my last class was unexpectedly cancelled. And by unexpectedly I mean I went to a restaurant, ate dinner, knitted in my booth for 30 minutes, then went to the sewing center and saw the sign on the door that class was cancelled. NOT cool!! They did give me a refund for the session, but I would much rather have 4 finished skirts right now. Sigh.
I have been religiously working on my Clapotis, however, and am LOVING it!
I'm a little over half way in a little over a week. Not bad! My goal is to drop one stitch per day, and I think that will put me way ahead of my MD S&W deadline.


Robin said...

Clapotis is looking good! That stinks about the sewing class!

dawn said...

I love the purple and black yarn you're using for your clapotis. Is that Lorna's laces black pearl?

Elysbeth said...

Lucky you! The Maryland S&W.

Nice Clapotis.

Courtney said...

That color for your Clapotis is great. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who hasn't jumped on that train yet.

Too bad about your sewing classes. Will they have more you can take in the future?

Knittymuggins said...

Your Clapotis looks great so far! I still have to jump on that bandwagon eventually :) I've seen quite a few lately that look really great.

So sorry about your sewing class :( Hopefully they'll have another one eventually.