Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day Do-Over

Despite the awesome start to Valentine's Day, the rest of the day did not go so well. I got home to find a very cranky Joe screaming at a very inept cookie bouquet delivery establishment on the phone. Apparently, I was supposed to get a cookie bouquet by 4PM, and they just couldn't handle that request. He also had a little bug or something, so he had no appetite for the surf & turf I made for us. He felt REALLY bad, and requested a do-over on Saturday. I reluctantly (HA!) obliged. ;) He was dying to go on a road trip because he just got his car back after a month of being without it (car accident; he's fine). I suggested WEBS, and HE suggested WEBS and Yankee Candle village. Woo-hoo!! I ordered some Blue Sky Cotton for a sweater for him, and got some of WEBS' Deerfield yarn. It's something like 80/20 alpaca/silk, and it is sooooo soft (and on sale, btw). Yankee candle was awesome (winter clearance; yeah, buddy!), dinner was awesome, and renting the Heartbreak Kid was a little disturbing, a little pornographic, but still funny. I'd say Joe's do-over was a big success!

I bought the Deerfield yarn to make some fingerless gloves, and before I knew it, I had fingerless gloves!!

They're Maine Morning Mitts from Clara Parkes' Book of Yarn, but the pattern is also available here for free.
I worked on Hermione yesterday, but I have to rip all of my progress on the sleeve. It's just way too big. No big deal. It's just one day's worth of knitting. I can handle it. :)

In other news, I won another contest!!! Am I the luckiest blog contest winner or what?! I asked Maryanne of Knittymuggins a question for her Un-blogiverssary, and her hubby drew my name out of the Ikea pot of awesomeness! I won this pattern and yarn to make them with! Yay!
Wow, that was a really big post for me! Thanks for listening to me ramble if you made it this far!


Courtney said...

I love do-overs. They're the best concept ever. I'm glad to see that yours turned out well. :)

Also, Hermione is looking really great. Congrats on your contest win!

Have a good day. :)

Robin said...

You definitely ARE the luckiest blog contest winner! Congrats!

I like the mitts, and Hermione is looking good too - sorry about the sleeve frogging, but I like how the stripes line up perfectly with the body stripes!

Marjorie said...

I got the Deerfield card, and I bought Sheffield from WEBS. I'm really impressed with their "house yarns"--they're great, especially for the price.

Your mitts look wonderful. I really need to add mitts to my list of small projects for next winter. And Hermione is looking fine too.

Knittymuggins said...

Hee hee. Your "ramble" is nothing compared to what I've been doing lately! I much prefer your version :)

I'm glad your do-over was so awesome! Sorry to hear about the wreck though - I'm so glad that Joe's o.k.!

Hope your weekend was great and I'll be mailing your prize out soon(most likely Monday)!