Monday, February 11, 2008

Rockin' Weekend

I had such high hopes for getting a lot done this weekend. Joe did all the "chores" on his day off (Thursday) so I just KNEW I would kick butt on the sewing and knitting front. I saw a cute skirt I wanted to make on Robin's blog on Friday, so the plan was to make the skirt Friday night & Saturday day (after my haircut), then work on 'Hermione' Sunday. Well, I managed to get the haircut:

But, then I went to a friend's house down the street from the hair place that had invited me and another friend over for brunch. These are her kitties watching squirrel TV:

After many, many mimosas, her boyfriend convinced us to play Rock Band with him, as we had gotten curious what all the "jamming" coming out of the living room was all about. That's where I made my mistake. FIVE HOURS later, we were still playing, and Joe was calling me wondering if I was coming home for dinner. OOPS!!! I often complain that my brain only remembers useless things like song lyrics and produce codes (from my days as a grocery store cashier). But, I have finally found a good use for all those song lyrics! I almost ran right out to buy an X-Box, but then I remembered I like to be productive now and then, so it was probably a bad idea. I did make a little progress on Hermione, but not as much as I had hoped.
But, hey, rock stars can finish their sweaters any damn time they want, right?!


Robin said...

The haircut looks great, and so does Hermione in process! You are so funny about the Rock Band.

Karen said...

Your haircut came out very nice. And you have made some good progress on Hermione even with the time you spent being a rock star. :)

Knittymuggins said...

Your haircut is amazing and Hermione looks so great!

Ooooh, that sounds like my kind of game (especially if there are mimosas involved)! Hee hee. You should have seen us at work a few weeks ago playing "guitar hero". I swear I *need* a PS3 now!!