Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Knitting, Just a Shameless Advertisement

I have got to stop reading knit and tonic. Every time I go there, I swear it costs me 50 bucks. This week's wallet sucker was the Furminator.
It's some fancy pants pet brush that supposedly gets all your pet's 'dead fur' off of them and makes them shed less and get less furballs. I was skeptical. But, now I'm a believer! This thing is really (REALLY) awesome. But really (REALLY) expensive. Rocco actually gave me thank you kisses after I brushed him with the thing. We got at least 4 kittens' worth of fur off of him. He had us cracking up--he was turning around and around so I didn't accidentally miss any spots. He likes!


Robin said...

Totally agree on Knit and Tonic always costing me money too!! The last one was the hemp skirt (which I still need to make!) That little fur-removing gadget looks great though - now I'm going to have to run out and get one of those. So few of those things actually work so it is great to hear this one does. And could Rocco be any cuter???

Gothknits said...

OMG!!! thank you thank you thank you. We ran right out and bought one. So frigging amazing. I got so much off of Isis. She still hates being brushed but at least every stroke is productive.