Friday, July 13, 2007

New Email

I decided to jump on the gmail bandwaggon since they blocked aol at work & I have to wait til I get home to respond to pretty much anything anyone sends me during the day. My new address is jenerationx74 at gmail dot com. I hate to add yet another email to the stable (we're now up to 6!), but I just had to because of stupid work. I'll put it on the sidebar too as soon as I figure out that little trick.

I was 2 rows away from being done with the Lovely Lace Leaf Skirt & I RAN OUT OF YARN. I'm kind of happy though; I wanted it to be longer than it was, so I really needed that 5th skein anyway. I swung by the LYS on my lunch hour, so hopefully I'll have a FO by Sunday!

Have a great weekend!!

ETA: I just set up gmail to check my other emails for me, so whatever one you have in your address book will work. Woo hoo!!


Laurel said...

Oh no! I should post a photo of the itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little piece of yarn that I had left over from mine. Good thing I planned to do the tie out of something else or I'd have been screwed. Should we let them know that they're being a little close on the yardages? Oh, and, cough up a progress pic please!

Gothknits said...

oh can't wait to see it. wear it Wednesday!

Robin said...

I'll make a note of the email update - you got mine too, right? I just ended up going to gmail too b/c I was having problems with the "new and improved" Windows Live Mail (fka Hotmail). I love the gmail message notifier - have that one downloaded on my work pc now and it works great. The toolbar with the notifier didn't work there, as it was blocked by the firewall - but the notifier works great.