Monday, June 05, 2006

What we do for fun, Part II

For those of you that were wondering where all the rednecks were this weekend, we were here:

The Dover NASCAR race. Now, here's a sport that knitters might enjoy. We set up camp around 7 AM & then just sit around and eat and chill out until 1. Plenty of time to knit (Or play with your Treo).

Then, we go to the track. There's like an hour or so of awards ceremonies, driver introductions, and anthem singing. You can't really see any of this happening, so may as well knit!

After that, we watch the race. But, sometimes it gets a little boring, so I keep my sock on stand-by. One thing I REALLY love about going to races is that you can pack a cooler and bring it into the track. Food, beer, water, whatever you want as long as it isn't glass. How awesome is that? Try that at Yankee stadium. They'll laugh at you! This guy cracked me up. He had his hat on sideways the whole day.

Gangsta gramps?


Gothknits said...

Booze and needles! wow! Hrm I may have to go to races instead of hockey.(but then I would miss the blood bouncing on the ice.

Karen said...

Sounds fun to me! I would have to have knitting iwht me too with all that sitting around. Nothing like knitting and beer though.

amy said...

We watched the race a little on Sunday with the Fam. How fun to actually be there and have knit-time and beer. Hm... knitted Nascar hat patterns? Beer cozy?

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