Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blog vacation

Cupcake Hat
Originally uploaded by jennylewinsky.
I haven't posted in so long, i forgot my password! Oops! So, this week, the plan is to post at least one FO each day so I can catch up. Man, coming back from vacation is a bitch! Anyway, this is my neice, Mackenzie and the cupcake hat I made her for Christmas. Her dad (my brother) is a big loser and hasn't seen her in over a year. She lives with her mom in Virginia & my idiot brother moved to Florida to "hide" from his ex & the evil child support collector. Asshole! Why have a baby if you don't want to support it? Why? Luckily, my parents have taken it upon themselves to help the ex out & they take her for the weekend here and there to give the mom a break. Still doesn't replace having a Dad, but hopefully my mom's guilt trips will make the boy come to his senses.


Gothknits said...

welcome back! I was about to challenge you to post. hehehe

Krysia said...

What a cute little girl! That sucks about her father though. At least her father's family is so kind and she has a wonderful aunt.