Sunday, March 14, 2010

5K Baby!

I've been keeping a little secret from the blog. On my birthday back in November, I decided to start running on the treadmill at the gym. It was NOT easy at first. I followed the training schedule from this book, which has you start running one minute intervals and eventually getting up to running 30 minutes straight. Well, today I ran 42 minutes straight! I ran in the O'Hartford 5K! This was my first time ever running on a surface other than the treadmill or the high school track (not counting running after the ice cream truck, of course ;) I never intended to run in races, but one of my girlfriends from work convinced me to enter this one with her so she didn't have to be in scary downtown Hartford by herself. Here we are freezing at the start line:

Check it out; the guy right behind me in this picture is dressed as the Jolly Green Giant! He ran the race in that getup! Crazy!

Not to be outdone, Joe had to get in on it:

He finished in 36 minutes even though he has tendonitis and hasn't run in weeks. Whatever. ;) I AM glad he was there to cheer me on!

I don't have any pictures of after the race, but I do have one of my awesome finisher award!

They even filled them with BEER for us! An appropriate award for the St. Patrick's day race, IMO!


Marjorie said...

Congratulations. I'm sure now that the weather is better and you're hooked on your natural endorphins, you'll end up running many more marathons. I'm sure it is the high I get from swimming that has kept me at it all these years.

Robin said...

That is so great!! I just ordered the book from Amazon. I do the treadmill every day and I was mixing in some running with my walking, but I'm attracted to the idea of a "plan". Congrats again - I would love to do that!