Friday, January 29, 2010

Recent Projects

Well, after Christmas I mentioned that I had a little pain in my wrist for all the gift knitting I did. Turns out I have a BIG pain in my wrist. Any night I decide to try a tiny bit of knitting, I can't sleep because my arm is throbbing with pain from carpal tunnel. I really thought that knitting Continental would solve my C.T. problems, but that just wasn't the case. I have to go to a hand specialist next week. Hopefully I can get that quick surgery and be back in business soon though!

One beneficiary of the non knitting time is my sewing time! I made a friend at work some reusable zippy bags because she is trying to go plastic-container-free. She also free-cycled her old heart rate monitor to me when I mentioned I wanted one and I've been wanting to make her a thank you present. The gallon bags took one fat quarter each, and I got 3 sandwich bags out of one fat quarter.

I have no clue why that picture won't rotate right. Oh well.

I also made another Snuggie! It's becoming my signature piece. Joe's daughter moved into her dorm this week and she asked me to make her one in case the dorm was freezing. I don't think that will be a problem since it was like 100 degrees in there the day we moved her in, but she's ready if the heat ever goes out:

Joe loves modeling snuggies for me.

Also for the dorm, I did some more free-cycling at work and convinced my cube neighbor to let us borrow his old dorm fridge that he wasn't using anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't know it looked like this:

But a roll of contact paper later, and we have cool retro perfectly girlie fridge:

That roll of contact paper covered the fridge, lined her drawers, made the letters spelling her name on her door, and the letters spelling her name on her wall inside her room. And we still have some left!! I had completely forgotten how awesome contact paper is.


Marjorie said...

Oh, that is too bad about your wrist. My son had something similar, and his problem was mainly using an uncomfortable mouse at work. He got an ergonomic mouse (and keyboard), and it has helped a lot. He also had acupuncture.

But your sewing certainly is ambitious.

Robin said...

I can't believe all the sewing and blogging you're doing! Go Jenny, Go Jenny!

scarves said...

Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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