Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe this, but I actually finished every Christmas project I wanted to this year. I started early-everything I bought on Black Friday got WRAPPED on Black Friday, I made cookies every night for a week instead of all at once the day before Christmas eve, and finished every knitting and sewing project before the day they were to be gifted! I must make a note to do this every year. It was so nice to not be completely stressed to get everything done on the 23rd. Now, on to the parade of gifts!
Baby (now toddler) Hewen got a new hat & mittens:

They are made from Socks that Rock in Strange Brew. A close up of the mittens:

I made his Mommy a sweet OWLS sweater out of Cascade Eco Wool. LOVED the Eco wool!!:

I knit our bowling league organizer a bowling pin from Vickie Howell's book:

I made Joe's Godson a couple tie dye Yankees shirts with homemade iron-ons:

I also made a few snuggies-for-hire for a guy at work (who happens to know how to fix furnaces, in case ours ever dies in the middle of the night in February again). I have no pictures of them, but you guys know what snuggies look like, I'm sure.
Rocco took his usual spot under the tree for the last 33 days:

That's his carrot I made him a few years ago. He still attacks it regularly!
I'm currently back to working on Joe's belated anniversary sweater, but am taking it easy because I'm a little sore from all that knitting in such a short time. Which reminds me, did you guys see this?:

Unfortunately, I learned to knit AFTER I chose my mate. Oh, well. :)
I made a few goals for 2010. I never keep my resolutions, so I'm calling them goals now. Ha, ha.
1. I want to knit more and sew more than last year. Shouldn't be hard since I hardly made anything last year!
2. Work out at least 4 times a week. This one has been almost enjoyable lately, so hopefully it stays that way.
3. Learn to ride a motorcycle, or at least a scooter. I have this dream almost weekly that we are out somewhere and for whatever reason, I have to drive the motorcycle home. I would like to stop having this dream.
Happy New Year, Everyone!


Kris said...

Hey, one more good reason to be single again - I can make a wiser choice of someone to knit for!

robin said...

Wow, you were a very organized and productive little elf! I can't believe how much Hewen has grown. I'd add to the "choice of mate" thing that it would be great to be with someone who tended toward being chilly - Jim is always hot (LOL), so I still can't really knit for him. I like your goals vs. resolutions - that's what I'm calling mine too. That is an interesting thought about learning to ride so you would be able to drive home if necessary. I never thought of that...hmmm. Doesn't the Road King weigh like 800 pounds though? I don't know if I'd be able to control it.

Marjorie said...

Happy New Year to you.

Great advice. It should have a postscript telling you never to give birth to large males with big feet. My son is still upset at my cracks about the enormity of his tootsies.

Great projects, and I love the STR colors.

Knittymuggins said...

*Love* all the projects! And even more awesome that you were so organized you were able to get them done without stress :)

Hee hee. I love that knitting quote too. I guess I chose the wrong mate as well (learned to knit after choosing him like you did). Mine's tall, but at least he's not broad and he doesn't wear sweaters ;)

Best of luck with your goals! They all sound totally doable and I feel you on that dream about having to drive the motorcycle home or move it or something and not know how. I've felt that way on pretty much every long trip we've taken on ours!

Happy New Year!