Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi there! Let's catch up, shall we? When Joe & I were in Tampa, we walked just about everywhere. When we got home, we started walking after dinner every night & gradually started walking into the center of town every night (4 miles round trip!). Then we turned it into walking to run our errands (library, CVS, jug of milk, etc.). While this is great exercise & all, it completely drains my ambition for anything else besides TV or reading afterward, so there has been no (and I mean NO) knitting since then. Not even mindless sock knitting or anything. Meanwhile, we've been on a couple adventures. We went on our usual spring ride for the Children's Hospital:

Isn't he cute? This year had around 2500 bikes & was a great time. And, bonus, they reached the fund raising goal! Sewing Hog Wild was there as always:

The following weekend, we went to Maryland Sheep & Wool and a NASCAR race!

Our guys didn't win, but we still had fun! Oh, yeah, the haul from MDSW; Some Brooks Farm Four Play:

And some Aussi Soxxi:

I made my Hermione sweater out of Aussi worsted, so I figured I'd give their sock yarn a shot. And when I bought that Four Play, it was teal. Why it's navy blue in Connecticut and teal in Maryland, I have no idea. Good thing I like navy, I guess! I actually tried to buy some Tess yarn, but they only had one skein of the color I had my eye on. Oh well, their loss. I have been petting the Four Play a lot, so hopefully it will inspire me to dust off the needles soon!


Karen said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy.
So you stayed away from the STR booth this year? Maybe the Four Play yarn is magic. Maybe it'll be another color when you start knitting with it. :)

Robin said...

I haven't been knitting as much as I was either. Yesterday I didn't knit at all after work, but I did knit at lunch (worked on a blanket square.) I've been a lot more into sewing lately.