Friday, January 23, 2009

Progress Report

It's been a rough few weeks, but i am ALMOST caught up on blogs. I had them down to 18 unread, but then I worked on the house all weekend last week, and it went back up to over 100. Sigh.

On the weight loss front, I lost 4lbs! I was doing OK on the diet part, but not so great on the exercise part. But all that changed this past Monday. Joe got a bad report card from his Dr. on his cholesterol. It's 282, which isn't horrible, but his good cholesterol is way too low, and his bad cholesterol is way too high. So major changes are going on in our house. He & I re-joined the gym & have been going every night, I am cooking or preparing everything that goes into his mouth, and eating out is back to every two weeks. The restaurants we like cook pretty healthy food, but I just don't want to chance it. I have him on 300mg or less of cholesterol per day and 16-20g of saturated fat. So one tablespoon of accidental butter could throw off his whole day. He's also having to take his coffee black now and he is NOT happy about it.

But it's not all doom and gloom at our house; we got a new TV!

It's a samsung 52" 650 something. Obviously, we haven't upgraded our sound system yet (I guess it says a lot about Sony sound systems though, as that's my old stereo from 1990 & it still works), but we're working on picking one out.

In knitting news, I'm done with CPH's sleeves & fronts & plan to start the back this weekend. I also made a chemo cap for a friend's MIL:

It's Lace Edged Women's Hat (free Ravelry download!). I used one ball of Zara that I had in the stash & I think it came out pretty cute!

In sewing news, I made a new cover for the ottoman at the foot of our bed, but the fabric was really floppy & slippery, so it didn't come out so perfect. I'm done with Joe's robe except for his monogram, but I need to whip out the manual for that. After that's done, I'll tackle the mending pile, and I don't really have any solid plans after that. Well, that's all for now!


robin said...

Can't wait to see Peg's hat in person - it looks great. That was so sweet of you to do for her.

Yay on the 4 pound weight loss - that was quick! Especially with having Joe on the program, that will make it so much easier for you too. I know if Jim could be made to focus even a little on stuff like that, I would be thinner. But he doesn't have high cholesterol or blood pressure, so I don't really have a convincing argument to make him want to change.

Marjorie said...

It is definitely possible to get your/Joe's cholesterol down with diet and exercise. Mine would be through the roof too if I didn't swim and watch what I eat. I've also gotten addicted to the exercise (and my last cholesterol reading was 195!).

Until I discovered coffee spiked my blood pressure, I did drink it with whole milk. (Chamomile tea is now my beverage of choice--not bad, but not coffee). I figured out that I took just one tablespoon of milk, which isn't likely to do much of anything if the rest of what you eat is ok. And I substitute fruit for baked desserts (my father, who nagged me for most of my life about eating fruit would be amazed).

That is a very pretty hat. I love Zara.

Karen said...

I am VERY behind in blogs right now too.

Congratulations on the 4 pounds! I have been trying to lose a few for a long time now without making any progress. At least Joe goes along with your changes. Michael fights me on EVERYTHING!

Knittymuggins said...

Congrats on the 4 lbs!! That's great :) It will be much easier with the two of you getting fit together. Believe me - it's pretty hard to motivate yourself when your husband is on the couch with his hand in a ginormous bag of potato chips (which happens quite often here!). I know you guys will do well together. And the nice new TV won't hurt either ;) Good luck!