Monday, October 06, 2008

Baby Shower Time Already?

I had a nice pace going for Aimee's shower gifts. I worked on them a few at a time over the last few months, and had most of them done by last week. I finished her little monkey:

More pics here, here, and here.
Then I made the mistake of peeking around on Ravelry at baby sacks. I saw this adorable one from Boho Baby Knits and HAD to make it. I only had 4 days left, so I had to hustle. Of course, time got away from me & I was still weaving in ends on the plane ride down to DC, but I got it done:

I love the insides:

Her MIL is a knitter and sewer too & we had a little friendly competition going on over who would make the most things. I conceded when she whipped out this quilt:

The fabric is mostly monkey themed & it is really nice. She also made everything knitting related out of her own handspun, hand dyed yarn, so I was toast. I think I did pretty good anyway! The nursing aprons went over really well for sure.


Karen said...

I love that monkey! And the striped sack is awesome! I'd say you did really well with the handmade gifts for this shower. She must be a really good friend! :)

Robin said...

You AMAZE me with the mass quantities of baby gifts you turn out! It's incredible, really. I hope these people appreciate you! And you guilted me into knitting Jim a sweater - I started Big Thaw from Knitscene.

Marjorie said...

The monkey is so cute. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I need a baby present.

That quilt is amazing.

Heather said...

Wow - your items were wonderful, but a mother that spins, dyes, knits, AND sews? I give you kudos for even attempting - I might have caved and stopped at the monkey. That one-sie is the cutest, thing, and I can't believe how neat your seams are!!!

Are you and Jo going to make it up to Stitches this year?

Knittymuggins said...

Wow! Beautiful gifties! The monkey is adorable and I just love the baby sack (you made it in *how* many days????). Oh dear, I feel a Ravelry search coming on....

Thanks so much for sharing! I hope the new mom loved her handmade gifts :)