Monday, September 17, 2007

A few FO's

I went to a baby shower this weekend for Joe's cousin (his Dad's sister's daughter, if you're curious), and I made her one of those Zodiac sleeping sacks. It might just be my standard baby gift for a while. It takes about 3 days to make, plus one day to make the chart at the bottom, screw up the duplicate stitch, rip it all out, start over at least 2 times, then finally get it right. But, if you know how to count, you can skip that last part. ;)
The new mom & dad both went to the University of Notre Dame. They loved it! The only problem I had was figuring out WTF to do with the remaining 5000 yards of this:
I also got around to blocking & getting a pic of my Back to School U-Neck Vest from Fitted Knits. Before I blocked it, I tried it on and absolutely hated it. It sat in a pile in the floor for WEEKS until yesterday. Of course, after blocking, it looks fine. Why I haven't learned this yet, I can't tell you.

And, ---AND--- Joe finally modeled his Cheezy Puffs sweater for me:


Knittymuggins said...

The vest looks great Jenny! It's making me kind of want to resurrect my own that's crumpled up in a box somewhere :) Hmmm. Maybe you could look for a Winnie-the-Pooh pattern for all that yellow yarn! Looks like you'd have enough for a giganto version. Or donate it. Your baby gift turned out awesome so it was totally worth it though :)

Laurel said...

You've been a busy girl! The baby gift is adorable, Joe looks great in his Cheezy Puffs and you look faboo in the U Neck vest too. Remind me again what yarn you used for that? I don't know what to tell you about the zillion pounds of gold yarn except maybe see if you can get something good for it over at the KnitSwap list?

robin said...

The U-Neck vest looks great! That one's on my list. Wow on the duplicate stitch. I haven't tried that yet. I like Joe's sweater too - very nice. I didn't realize you had made him that. You must have made it awhile ago before I "met" you?

Karen said...

The u-neck vest is cute! I'm glad you like it now. There is nothing worse than hating something you just spent a bunch of time on.

Maybe you can use up the rest of the Caron yarn by making Joe his very own Zodiac sleeping sack?! heh

Elysbeth said...

The vest is adorable! I would like mine in autumnal colours, just ship it to Wisconsin when you're done ;)

Zaz said...

hi jenny,

thank you for your kind comment on my "blue" bell on the fitted-knits along.
oh i love its shape it would, i am sure, work beautifuly in noro. good job with your shrug, i like it with sleeves.
i am going to make my two sisters this one without a collar and without the sleves bands, hehe it will go quick.