Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Short row success!

Well, pretty much. After a .discussion at Karen's blog and Wendy at knit & tonic saying they caused her to get so stressed that she got a case of BO from the adrenaline; I decided to give short rows another try. One of Wendy's commenters recommended this link for an easy version with no wraps, no backwards yarnovers, and no knit 3 togethers. And, look! No holes! And there's none on the other side either! (ok, there's one tiny one, but it's because I wasn't paying attention, not the fault of the pattern).

Please tell me my ankles are not that huge. It's a funny angle, right?


Gothknits said...

woo hoo! i'll have to try that on my next pair.

And of course it's the funky angle. you know how much our cameras love to lie!

Karen said...

Ok, that heel rocks! So help me though....if I can't get this one either...some yarn is going to get hurt!

I seen your ankles....they are lovely.

Congratulations on your heel!